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Benefits of NeuroMuscular Therapy
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NeuroMuscular Therapy
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NeuroMuscular Therapy
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NeuroMuscular Therapy

The Benefits of NeuroMuscular Therapy are to relieve pain, discomfort, tension, and increase mobility, flexibility, and coordination.  To this end, NeuroMuscular Therapy provides a systematic method of determining exactly which muscles and respective Trigger Points are the cause of the problem. By following the Pain through its referral pattern back to the initiating Active or Key Trigger Points and then releasing these Trigger Points along with any other associated Latent, Secondary, or Satellite Trigger Points, NeuroMuscular Therapy relieves many common painful conditions.

Below are Links to Pages that Explain How NeuroMuscular Therapy can Benefit these Common Conditions:

Location of Trigger Points throughout the Body

Back Pain| |Carpal Tunnel Syndrome| |Fibromyalgia Syndrome|

|Golfers Elbow| |Headaches/Migraines| |Neck Pain/Stiffness|

|Plantar Fascitis| |Rotator Cuff Dysfunction| |Sciatica| |Tennis Elbow|

|Texter’s Thumb| |Thoracic Outlet Syndrome| |TMJ Syndrome|

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