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Neck Pain & Stiffness

Neck Pain is a very common problem, with two out of three people experiencing Neck Pain at some point in their lives.  Most Neck Pain is caused by Muscle Strain or Tension, from prolonged physical activity or poor sleeping posture. 

Trigger Points in the Upper & Mid Trapezius, the Multifidi, the Levator Scapula, the Spenius Cervicis, and the Infraspinatus Muscles can all refer pain into the neck.  While the tension in these muscles, along with the tension in the other muscles of the neck caused by the referred pain, will lead to stiffness and loss of mobility in the neck.

NeuroMuscular Therapy can help to alleviate Neck Pain and Stiffness and restore mobility by locating specifically which Strained Muscle Trigger Points are causing the referral pattern, reducing the Tension in these Muscles and releasing the Trigger Points.

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A Woman with Neck Pain
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