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Sciatica is a deep pain on one side of the lower back/upper buttock, sometimes accompanied by shooting pains, numbness and/or a burning sensation down the leg.  Compression of the Sciatic Nerve, the longest and widest nerve in the body, running from the lower back to the foot, is the cause of Sciatica, though several Trigger Points in the Muscles of the back and hip can also refer pain into the lower back, upper buttock and/or down the leg, mimicking Sciatic Pain.  The most common way that the Sciatic Nerve can become compressed is by a tight Piriformis Muscle located deep in the Hip, though a bulging/herniated vertebral disc or spinal stenosis in the lower back can also compress the Sciatic Nerve.


Skeleton of Pelvis showing Piriformis Muscle and Sciatic Nerve

NeuroMuscular Therapy is ideal for treating Sciatica due to its ability to discover Muscular Imbalances and restore Homeostasis.  By releasing the Trigger Points of the Back and Hip, relieving Muscular Tension, and reducing Inflammation, NeuroMuscular Therapy eliminates Sciatic Pain and can even alter Chronic Structural Deviations that lead to Vertebral Disc Dysfunctions and Spinal Stenosis. Two large government-funded studies released in November 2006 concluded that back surgery for painful herniated disks provided no greater benefit than other, less-invasive forms of treatment. Due to the side effects and risks associated with surgical intervention, this research supports the use of safe complementary therapies, such as NeuroMuscular Therapy, for pain caused by Disc Dysfunctions.

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