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Paul Simpson LMT

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Body Cushion Used In All Sessions!
Proven to facilitate greater relaxation and deeper release of muscle tension, the Body Cushion is designed for Maximum Comfort and to accommodate individual needs.
Face down, the Body Cushion relaxes the hip and rotator cuff muscles, decompresses the spine, and facilitates deep breathing. Body Cushion Prone Positioning
Face up, the Body Cushion opens the muscles of the chest and relieves pressure on the hips and spine. Body Cushion Supine Positioning
Perfect for Pregnancy Massage!
The Body Cushion is very comfortable and supportive in the side-lying position. Body Cushion Side Positioning
Excellent for Pregnancy Massage, the Body Cushion provides for prone positioning throughout pregnancy. Body Cushion Pregnancy Positioning
Phone/Txt for Paul Simpson 708-788-1417Paul Simpson LMT Footeremail: