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Headaches and Migraines can be initiated by many different causes beyond the scope of NeuroMuscular Therapy.  Allergies, Chemical Imbalances, and Environmental Sensitivities may need to be addressed to get to the cause of chronic Headaches or Migraines.  Yet whatever the initial catalyst for the Headache or Migraine may be, it will generally begin with a physical process of tension and inflammation.  There are 11 muscles and 21 different trigger points that can refer pain into the front, side, and/or back of the head. 

NeuroMuscular Therapy can help to alleviate the pain of Headaches and Migraines by locating specifically which Tense Muscle Trigger Points are causing the pain and release these Trigger Points and relax the muscles.  Providing a drug free method for relieving Headaches and Migraines until the cause can be isolated.

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A Woman with a Headache
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