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Benefits of Swedish Massage
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It’s no secret today that many Professional Athletes and Performers Rely Routinely on the Benefits of Massage Therapy to Improve Performance, Prevent Injury, and Train More Effectively.  Yet you don’t have to be a professional to utilize the Benefits of Massage Therapy.  Even Social Competitors in Volleyball, Tennis, Softball, Soccer, etc., or one who Runs, Bikes, Swims, or Works-Out at a Local Gym several times a week to look and feel good, can Benefit from adding Massage Therapy to your Training Program.

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Because many Athletic Activities involve Repetitive Motions and Strenuous Exertion, muscles begin to shorten, fascia binds, and restrictions on movement set in.  These problems can lead to decreased performance and injury if not maintained on a continual basis with Massage Therapy.  By making Massage Therapy a part of your regularTraining Program, Studies Prove that You can bridge the gap to Optimal Athletic Performance by:

  • Increasing Strength
  • Extending Range of Motion
  • Decreasing Stiffness and Tension
  • Enhancing Focus
  • Improving Motor Control
  • Reducing Stress and Anxiety
  • Shortening Recovery Time
  • Diminishing Pain
  • Increasing Flexibility
  • Preventing Injuries

Researchers at McMaster University found that Massage causes muscles to enlarge and grow new mitochondria, the powerhouses of our cells responsible for converting nutrients into useful energy. Massage Therapy also increases the exchange of nutrients and wastes from joints and muscles, removing restrictions and tension and improving range of motion and flexibility. 

Body Builder Athlete
Image of Head with caption 90% Mental Sports Injury Clinic reveals that Massage Therapy can help Athletes "bring it" to their game or athletic event by decreasing stress and increasing focus, putting the Athlete in a good psychological state before their event. Many Athletes have a type A personality and have a hard time relaxing to begin with.  This added to the stress of an upcoming event and the pressure of competition can affect an Athletes over all performance.  Massage Therapy has been proven to lower heart rate, blood pressure and Cortisol levels, helping the body and mind to relax and reducing anxiety. Because Massage helps to harmonize the mind and body, the Athlete experiences increased precision of motor control, greater ease of movement, a more grounded/centered feeling, and over all well-being.

One of the best times for Massage Therapy is after an event or hard workout, when the Athletes muscles are sore and tired.  Massage will stimulate the lymphatic system and hasten the elimination of the metabolic by-products of strenuous exertion like lactic and uric acid, while at the same time breaking up adhesions and scar tissue.  Massage Therapy will also increase the supply of blood, oxygen, and nutrients to the muscles, so the body can repair and rebuild more quickly and help the Athlete to heal faster, so they can return to high-level training and competition. 
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Injured Athlete These same benefits of Massage that increase elimination of wastes and improve nutrient supply will also speed the healing process and reduce the discomfort during rehabilitation after an injury.  Indeed, Massage Therapy has been found to be effective in the management of acute and chronic injury and pain.  Studies have found that Massage Increases Levels of Endorphins and Serotonin in the Nervous System, Responsible for Pain Tolerance within the Body, which can help to Delay Muscle Soreness and Reduce Pain from Injuries.  Massage Therapy will also help to form Strong yet Flexible tissue during normal growth or after injury, which is important in preserving full pain-free range of motion. 

Yet even better than speeding up the healing process and making it less painful, regular Massage can actually reduce the risk of injury, by keeping your muscles, joints, and connective tissue in peak condition.  Athletic trainers know that keeping an athlete in top physical form requires a regular prevention and maintenance program. The overall objective of a training program is to help the athlete reach optimal performance through injury-free training.  Massage Therapy achieves both of these objectives at once by helping to prevent injuries and enhancing performance!

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