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What Is Pregnancy Massage
What is
Pregnancy Massage
Benefits of
Pregnancy Massage
History of
Pregnancy Massage

Pregnancy Massage is Massage Therapy specifically designed to accommodate the unique needs of the Mother, as her body goes through the extraordinary changes from Prenatal through Postpartum. 
Throughout Pregnancy the body of the Mother is constantly changing, increasing the load on specific muscles.  Pregnancy Massage addresses those muscles most affected by these changes to help alleviate the discomfort.  In treating these physical strains as they occur throughout pregnancy, further physical and emotional stress is prevented.

Pregnant Woman with Hands forming Heart over Womb
Pregnant Woman with New Born Baby

For the comfort and health of the Mother and her Baby, Pregnancy Massage incorporates the most up to date knowledge of pregnancy and anatomy, using only those techniques that are safe and effective.  Pregnancy Massage Therapists are specially trained not only in techniques, but also to recognize signs of prenatal disorders, such as Preeclampsia, that can endanger the mother and child.
After the birth, Massage during the Postpartum period of the Pregnancy is designed to help restore the Mothers Body to its original condition, while at the same time addressing the new stresses of caring for the newborn baby.

What to Expect During Your Pregnancy Massage

Before your Pregnancy Massage Treatment begins, we discuss your current condition and needs in order to personalize your session and make it as soothing and as useful as possible.  Communication is crucial during a Pregnancy Massage, even when receiving Massage on a regular basis, because pregnancy can cause rapid and unexpected changes.  A Pregnancy Massage should never be uncomfortable or painful, so it is important to speak up if a particular technique or even your positioning is causing you any discomfort. 
Your treatment will take place in a quiet, private room with the lighting low and relaxing music playing in the background.  I step out of the room while you disrobe (down to your underwear if you prefer) and get under a warm, soft, cotton flannel sheet, with only the areas that are being worked uncovered. 
You lie on the Body Cushion, which is excellent in accommodating the needs of the Mother from Prenatal through Postpartum.  Allowing for comfortable prone and supine positioning that is safe for the baby much further into the Pregnancy than on a table, as well as supportive side positioning.  While after delivery, the Body Cushion allows comfortable prone positioning for lactating new Mothers.
Using oil heated to 98 degrees that I craft myself with organic, cold pressed coconut oil as a base and essential oils of Lavender and Chamomile added for additional therapeutic benefits, your muscles and connective tissue are massaged with a pressure that is pleasant and comfortable. 
After your session, I step out of the room while you get dressed, and we conclude by discussing our observations during the treatment.

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