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Blood Clots
Because of the Enormous Stress that the Circulatory System of the Body is under during Pregnancy, with Blood Volume Increasing up to 60 percent, Blood Clots can occur.  This can happen during Pregnancy because of the Uterus Enlarging to the point where it Presses Deep into the Pelvis and Venous Return to the Heart is Hampered by the Pressure Applied to Major Blood Vessels, causing a Rise in Blood Pressure, and the Pregnant Mothers Blood Naturally Clots easier during Pregnancy because of the Increase in Estrogen (A Natural Prevention to Losing too much Blood during the Birthing Process). 

The most Common Type of Clot during Pregnancy is a Deep Vein Thrombosis (DVT), which is a Blood Clot in a Vein Deep below your skin's surface. DVT can appear in the deep veins in the back of your leg, or in your thigh or pelvis.  The biggest danger of a Blood Clot is the risk that it can Break-Off from its location and move to the Lungs, causing a potentially fatal condition called Pulmonary Embolism. Blood clots can also be Dangerous to the Baby if they form inside the Placenta, they may cut off Blood-Flow to the Baby.

Illustration of Normal Vein and Vein with Blood Clot

The Best Way to Prevent Blood Clots During Pregnancy is to keep Blood Circulation at a Peak, and Pregnancy Massage does this by Supporting the Return of Blood to the Heart and Increasing Circulation of Blood and Lymph, helping to keep Blood Pressure Normal. The enhanced Blood and Lymph flow also increases the nutrition and elimination of wastes for both the Mother and her Baby.

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