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Benefits of Pregnancy Massage
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Pregnancy Massage
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Pregnancy Massage
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Pregnancy Massage
Anxiety; Over-Reactive Feelings of Fear, Apprehension, and Worry, is Common during Pregnancy, due to the Stress from the number of Physical Changes occurring in the Mother, as well as the Emotional Responsibility for the Health and Safety of Her Baby.

One of the Greatest Benefits of Pregnancy Massage is its Ability to Relieve and Prevent Anxiety. Because Anxiety is often the result of Repressed or Suppressed Feelings and Emotions, Pregnancy Massage is Helpful by being one of the Best Ways to Aid the Mother to Connect with the Deeper Feelings that Lead to Anxiety.

Several Studies have also found that Pregnancy Massage Alters Hormonal Activity by Reducing the Biochemical Levels of Cortisol and Norepinephrine, associated with the High Stress that can lead to Anxiety.  While at the same time, Pregnancy Massage Increases Levels of Oxytocin and Serotonin, related to feelings of Love and Well-Being.  These Changes in Hormone Levels also led to Fewer Complications during Birth, with Evidence Pointing Strongly to Maternal and Infant Health Benefits when Massage Therapy is Incorporated into Regular Prenatal Care.

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Pregnant Woman Suffering from Anxiety
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