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Golfer's Elbow

Tension and Tears in the Flexor Muscles of the Forearm; the Flexor Carp Ulnaris/Radialis and the Palmaris Longus, will lead to inflammation in their common tendon that attaches at the Medial Epicondyle of the Humerus, causing localized pain just below the medial/inner elbow that may refer down the forearm to the wrist and elbow stiffness (usually worse upon waking).  While this conditions common name implies that Golfing is its cause, weight lifting, water skiing, gymnastics, carpentry, knitting or computer work have also been common causes.  Any activity involving repetitive wrist flexion or a sustained hand-grip can lead to Golfers Elbow. It can also be caused by a direct hit to the medial part of the elbow, or a forceful movement involving a heavy lifting or gripping force through the arm, which would also strain and tear the muscles and tendon.

An Arm showing the Muscles affected by Golfers Elbow

NeuroMuscular Therapy can relieve the symptoms of Golfers Elbow by relaxing the Flexors Muscles of the Forearm and speeding the healing of any torn tissue. It can also help in locating any Secondary or Satellite Trigger Points that may perpetuate the problem.  If the source of the Golfers Elbow is from a continual action, finding an alternative way to perform this action or reducing the action may be necessary until the muscles are fully healed.

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