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Benefits of Himalayan Hot Stones for Arthritis

Approximately 46 million adults in the US, about one in every five (22%), have been diagnosed with arthritis. 

Since 1999, there has been a 22 percent increase in the number of women who attribute their disability to arthritis. 

With the aging of the Baby Boomers, it is estimated that 67 million adults will have arthritis by 2030. 

The economic impact of arthritis is $128 billion: $81 billion for direct health care expenditures and $47 billion in indirect costs due to lost earnings. 

Most of the health care costs are for anti-inflammatory drugs, but many Arthritis Patients have problems with the side effects of these drugs.  

When faced with a future of hazardous drugs, many arthritis patients turn to Massage Therapy for help.

Joints affected by Arthritis

normal joint and arthritic joint

Himalayan Hot Stones help to reduce the inflammation and pain caused by Arthritis through the absorption of the 84 minerals contained in the Stones and the Heat they provide.

When Himalayan Hot Stones come in contact with our skin, because the minerals contained in the stones exist in colloidal form, they are small enough to be easily absorbed by the cells of our bodies.  The mineral Magnesium specifically works to relieve Arthritis by breaking the chemical cascade that leads to inflammation and increasing oxygen to the cells of the body, thus reducing the symptoms of Arthritis and increasing metabolic activity in the joint.  Magnesium is an essential mineral that is needed for more than 300 bodily functions, yet up to 50 percent of Americans are deficient in magnesium.  Recent discoveries have proven that the joint cartilage of patients with Osteoarthritis is highly metabolically active and that the damaged cartilage tissue actually tries to remodel and repair itself.  Though once thought to be impossible, arresting or reversing the disease occurs spontaneously in some arthritic patients.  By increasing oxygen and metabolic activity in joints, Himalayan Hot Stones aid the natural healing of Arthritis, and can actually help prevent the development of Arthritis.
Additionally, the Heat of the Himalayan Hot Stones also increases blood flow and oxygen in joints. The synovial fluid in your joints, which acts as a lubricant, is partly dependent on the amount of blood that reaches your joints.  When the Heat of Himalayan Hot Stones is applied to stiff joints, blood flow is increased, promoting synovial fluid production and adding lubrication to stiff joints.

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