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Benefits of Himalayan Hot Stones
for Muscle Pain & Tension

Himalayan Hot Stones help to relax and heal, tense and torn Muscles through the absorption of the 84 minerals contained in the Stones and the Heat they provide.
The minerals in the Himalayan Hot Stones are absorbed by the skin and tissues of the body to provide healing nutrients to the Muscles, thus relieving pain and increasing mobility.  Magnesium in particular is an essential mineral that is needed for more than 300 body functions, yet up to 50 percent of Americans are deficient in magnesium.  As suggested by American physician, scholar and author Mark Hyman, MD, magnesium can be thought of as the relaxation mineral.  Any part of the body that is tight, stiff, or cramping can be a sign of magnesium deficiency.  In addition to inducing a relaxation effect in the body’s muscles, magnesium breaks the chemical cascade that leads to inflammation, and protects the body from a number of chronic diseases.  Dr. Mark Sircus, L.Ac., OMD, has shown that magnesium actually increases oxygen to the cells of the body. 

Woman with Back Pain

Additionally, the Heat of the Himalayan Hot Stones dilates the blood vessels of the muscles, also increasing the flow of oxygen and nutrients to the muscles to help heal damaged tissue.  Increased blood flow also aids in pushing toxins like lactic acid and other metabolic wastes out of injured tissues, while an increase in Oxygen reduces carbon dioxide and lowers the acid level in tissues. The Heat in the Himalayan Hot Stones also allows the muscles and connective tissue to relax and lengthen, while breaking up adhesions, decreasing stiffness and increasing flexibility.  At the same time, the Heat of the Himalayan Hot Stones stimulates the sensory receptors in the skin, decreasing transmissions of pain signals to the brain and relieving discomfort.

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