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Benefits of CranioSacral Therapy
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Ear Infections
Ear Infections are frequently caused by stagnation of fluids in the middle ear due to lack of drainage through the Eustachian Tube (ET) especially in children before the age of 6.  The ET is comprised of a mixture of bone and cartilage and is formed by a groove/canal between the Temporal and Sphenoid bones within the Cranium. The ET is tiny, flexible and vulnerable. Adverse strain to any of these structures may alter its normal shape and lead to congestion.  The ET is also moved in synchrony with the craniosacral rhythm.  This motion helps to free the ET of restrictions and pumps substances through the ET, thus helping it decongest. Any compromise of the craniosacral rhythm can cause the ET to not be efficiently drained. 
Parts of the Inner, Middle, and External Ear.


CranioSacral Therapy is a gentle method of removing adverse strains within the Cranium and restoring rhythmic flow, thus returning the ET to it’s proper shape and re-establishing correct drainage of fluids. As this happens, an ear infection can resolve more easily and the middle ear can return to normal, preventing future ear infections. 

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